To install the tiles permanently, with a dry fit (no grout), use either construction strength adhesive or acrylic tile mastic and a 1/8” trowel.

For temporary installation, suited for residential applications, Moonish tiles come with a magnet on each corner and a corresponding steel sticker for each magnet.

Draw a level line on the wall where your first row of tiles is to be installed. Draw a 6”x6” or 12”x12” grid with a pencil or painters tape and place a steel sticker on each corner. Make sure the corners of the steel stickers are fastened to the wall, applying pressure with a finger if needed. Install the tiles.

Be mindful while handling steel stickers, edges may be sharp!

Once the steel adhesives are fastened to the wall, the tiles can be rearranged to form different compositions. To permanently remove the tiles from the wall peel off the steel stickers using a blade. The paint on the underlaying wall may need a touch up.

Installation surface must be level, smooth, clean, dry. If needed sand lightly before application.

Moonish tiles are not suited for wet areas. If applying the tiles in high moisture areas such as bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes, the use of construction adhesive is recommended for installation.

Tiles are finished with low VOC polyurethane. Clean with water and soap. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Moonish tiles are intended for indoor use.